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Do I need to be a licensed Captain when I charter my boat?

No you do not. We have licensed Captains on staff that can charter your vessel with you or for you. If you would like to become a licensed Captain, we do offer certified Captains’ courses led by a U.S. Coast Guard Captain.

How long does it take to start making money?

You will could begin seeing a profit in as little as 7 days!

When I sign up to be listed on Buku, would I need to upgrade my insurance?

Yes, you would need to upgrade your current insurance. Buku plans to offer their own policy in the future.

Do I have to own a boat?

No you do not. If you are not a boat owner, but still want to facilitate a Buku boating experience, you have the opportunity to join the Buku fleet as a Captain. Looking to become a boat owner? Buku can help with that too.

Would I have to charter my boat each time it is booked?

No. Buku can take care of everything, which includes providing a Captain and crew to charter your boat. You can potentially stay HANDS-FREE throughout the process.

Can I write my boat off on my taxes?

Yes you can! Buku would highly advise that you speak to your accountant about this.

Are there any other additional obligations once my boat is listed on the Buku platform?

There are no additional obligations - before, during, or after your boat is

listed. You have full autonomy when chartering your boat. Remember: Your boat, your time, your terms.

Can I list my Toys - jet skis, electric surfboards, paddle boards, etc?

Please list any additional toys! We are all about creating the #1 platform for water experience!

How profitable has chartering been for other boat owners and Captains?

The earning potential is unlimited and 100% based on your scheduling and availability. We have observed boat owners/ Captains make an upwards of six figures.

“You can profit from your passion - turning liabilities into assets!”

Jump Onboard!

Unlimited Earning Potential

Flexible Scheduling

We Navigate Your Bookings

Do What You Love

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