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Don’t own a boat but are still looking for a way to earn extra income. Become a captain with BUKU. Make your own schedule and enjoy sharing your love for the water with other water lovers. Not certified, let us know! We offer captain’s courses up to twice a year.

Beautiful Ladies Bonding on a Sail Boat for a Girls Trip

We are Buku and you could be a part of Buku too! We understand that owning a boat might not be on the top of everyone’s “To Do List,” but having the opportunity to work on a boat might. Lucky for you, Buku has found a way for “boatless” individuals to pursue their aspiring nautical hobby as a captain. At Buku, we have found a unique way to navigate your boating challenges by connecting you with hosting boat owners and eager water lovers. We want you to be able to share memorable experiences with others without feeling like you have to own a boat, not that we would discourage any future pursuit of boat ownership. We could also help you navigate boat ownership, if this is something you are looking to achieve. Not a certified captain, we can assist with that too. We offer full certification captain’s courses a couple times a year (dependent on interest). Becoming a captain with Buku offers you the opportunity for a second income, or even a full-time income, while working around your own schedule. Through our convenient, easy to use platform we have perfected the way to connect you, the captain, with hosting boat owners and eager guests, seeking the opportunity to have fun, or relax, while enjoying an amazing water experience.

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