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Sail into Romance

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Let’s face it, relationships are hard. In the beginning, it’s fun, fresh and everything feels like a new idea. As relationships start to mature (another way of saying get old haha), you feel the pressure. You start to feel like you're always scrambling to make intentional moments together (dates) special. Because you are together and taking time to be together, it’s always special - right?

What if we told you, you didn't have to scramble?
What if we could offer you something new, fun and different?

Imagine it’s date night, you two decided to walk the docks and look out towards the water. There is a nice breeze and the sun is making its way across the sky - positioning itself to set into the evening. As you enjoy the ambience, a boat pulls up and you realize date night wasn’t just a walk on the docks, but to sail into the sunset! As you climb up in the boat with your date, champagne has been chilled and flutes are ready. It’s going to be a night to remember! Whew, BUKU saved the date! As you sip champagne and enjoy front row seats to a beautiful sunset, watching it dip down below a watery horizon - you both agree that this might just be the spark needed to REfresh your mature relationship.

Date nights with BUKU can be romantic, fun and even spontaneous! Whether you want to anchor out and make a splash together or just sail the harbor, being on a boat is a unique way to get away without actually going that far! Enjoy the city from a different perspective, looking at it from the outside in - soaking in the lights and charm of Charm City. Hug your partner close as you go on a jetski adventure, laughing in enjoyment as you zip around the harbor. It’s time for an experience that you haven’t had before to create memories that will last a lifetime - with BUKU.

My wife and I had an amazing time. We booked the sailboat All Talk and it was for our anniversary. We did a sunset cruise and was beautiful. You guy's made it feel like we join old friends for a cruise around they bay. So accommodating with dinner and drinks and taking pictures. We can't wait to book another date night. And definitely can't wait to see you guy's again. I just can't say enough about the time we had. Thank you guy's so much for helping us make some great memories.
-Buku Water Lover


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