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Boat Sharing on the Chesapeake

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

There is nothing quite like a sunny day out on a boat on the Chesapeake Bay, with family and friends. The Chesapeake is truly a special place.

The Chesapeake Bay is a unique body of water where freshwater and saltwater mix, called an estuary. It is about 200 miles long, stretching from Havre de Grace in Maryland down to Virginia Beach. It is gorgeous, and the ideal place for boating.

Picture the scene: The warm sun and calming breezes caress your face as you cruise along the beautiful bay. Your favorite drink is in hand, while the sweet sounds of nostalgic tunes play. What a precious experience to enjoy with your loved ones.

It sounds perfect, right? However, you may be wondering how you can enjoy this experience without the huge commitment of boat ownership. Perhaps boat sharing just might be the answer for you.

What is Boat Sharing?

Boat ownership is a big responsibility, involving cost and time. Boats are a financial commitment. They require regular upkeep and maintenance, storage and mooring. On top of that, the average boater spends less than 20 days a year on their boat. So, Chesapeake Bay boats for sale are not always financially within reach.

Boat Sharing is a wonderful alternative to the understandable fear involved in such a huge purchase, or the common lease to own idea. In a boat sharing contract, several individuals “share” the costs and time of owning a vessel.

For the newbie, boat sharing agreements allow you to try out being a boat owner for a short period of time on a well maintained vessel - right on the water with family and friends - before taking the leap on your next big purchase.

Traditional boat rentals and sailboat charters in Chesapeake Bay in MD and VA are of course an option, but when you are sharing, you are utilizing a vessel that is well maintained by individuals like you. They truly care about keeping their boat in tip-top shape.

Peer to Peer Boat Rentals

Utilizing a company like BUKU, you and your friends can reserve a boat from a fellow boat lover for an excursion with ease.

Based in Maryland right on the bay, BUKU has a wide variety of boat share options to choose from. Powerboats of different sizes and styles are available to share, with or without a licensed captain.

Party pontoons, fishing boats, crab boats, chesapeake light craft and beautiful yachts are popular choices for rewarding days or nights on the bay. They even have jet skis as a fun option!

Planning your next boating adventure, or relaxing night on the Chesapeake, could not be more simple or carefree.

A Win-Win Situation

Boat Sharing is also very beneficial to the boat owner, making the sweet life of ownership more obtainable. The stress is removed and the sunny days are more enjoyed.

BUKU instantly gives you the opportunity to offset the worries and costs of boat ownership. You can set your own schedule to share when you like, and their online platform virtually finds “water lovers like you” to enjoy your vessel.

It really brings to you the best of two worlds: owning and renting. Your boat bound days that you choose are yours, and you can profit off of someone else’s recreational fun. With Buku, you can share your boat virtually hands free. Buku has the captains and crew to handle your bookings when you are busy, allowing you to make money with your boat passively.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Before you look for a yacht club or boating club, or a pricey sailboat rental on the Chesapeake Bay this summer, give the latest trend of Boat Sharing at BUKU a try.

Enjoy carefree boat reservations or overnight sailing trips on the Chesapeake Bay on your own terms. Revel in the freedom of feeling like an owner on your next water adventure, without any of the stress.

Bon Voyage!

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